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Palsoft Team Members

Who we are:

We are a team of web and software developers who met up in college and in university. Our company is based in the Hurlingham area, Nairobi.

What we do:

We started by doing small web design projects but we do much more than that now.

We also specialise in graphic design be it logo design, posters, brochures to reach the masses effectively.

We collaborate closely with our clients in every step of the production process to ensure they get personalised products.

How we work:

Our methodology is based on simple principles; collaborative tasks filled with constant refinement and iterations. We’ve certainly got an eye for details and beautiful things. We are only happy with an idea when it adds value to someone’s life. 

Our main driving force has been creative freedom, quality of work and curiosity. We’ve been expanding quietly without compromising the ideals that got us started in 2007.



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